The eternal question… Find a house before I put mine on the market? Or … Put my home on the market and look for the next once we have a buyer…?

Our best answer to this question is to get a valuation… We can help with this… then have a look, make sure there are suitable houses/flats available in the area you want to buy at a price you can afford… Try not to fall in love with anything until you have put your house on the market, but this will sometimes happen!

Tying together a sale and purchase can feel very difficult in some markets. In the very fast paced market of 2021, many people decided to sell, move into rented accommodation for 6 months, and found their next home from a position of strength as a buyer with nothing to sell.

We are very happy to show you homes when you don’t have a buyer, but some owners may restrict access to people who haven’t got a buyer for their current house…

Costs of buying

Apart from your monthly mortgage payments, there are others costs when buying a home.

These include:

  • survey costs
  • solicitor or conveyancer fees (this often includes extra costs, such as search and Land Registry fees)
  • mortgage arrangement and valuation fees
  • removal and moving in costs
  • buildings insurance
  • initial furnishing and decorating costs
  • Stamp Duty (Land and Buildings Transaction Tax in Scotland, or Land Transaction Tax in Wales)