You have seen a home you want to buy……You now need to put in an offer! This is best done by phone or in person, and then followed up in writing by email.

Buyers become expert in their own price range, they know what is good value…. Decide what you want to offer, consider whether there is demand for the property, did you have to fit in around other viewers? If so, there may be other offerors, so consider offering the asking price or close to it.

Call the agent and tell them you want to make an offer. They will need to ask you lots of questions: The full names of the buyers, the home address, phone numbers and email addresses. They will need to know how you are financing the purchase and whether the offer is dependent on selling another property or on getting a mortgage.

The agent will need to verify your identity and will need you to provide copies of ID documentation with a photograph such as a passport; and one that proves your address such as an HMRC letter addressed to you, or a bank statement. They have to do this to comply with Anti-Money laundering Law.

The agent will ask for details of your funding and will ask for proof of funds. This might be a copy of your Mortgage ‘agreement in principle’ or photocopies of bank statements (black out the bank account numbers). then, your offer will be put forward to the seller.

The agent will let you know whether your offer has been accepted, or you may need to consider increasing the offer if it is not accepted.

Once the offer is accepted you will need to provide details of your solicitor. Ask for recommendations from people who have moved recently and ask the solicitor for a quote for how much they will charge. The estate agent may also be able to provide suggestions of who to use.